miércoles, 23 de noviembre de 2016

International menu (3º ESO)

These are some of the menus we have made in groups A and B of 3rd year ESO.  You can easily spot at first sight how some of the students have spent more time and care than others… so, they would finally deserve better marks!.

 As you can see in the pictures, the menus are very international and varied. You can choose among   Mexican, Chinese, Mediterranean or Seafood restaurants. We have learnt a lot and we have spent a good time working in teams and using our imagination and creativeness. 
I bet you don’t know the meaning of the following:
  •       How do you say “sepia” in English?
  •       How do you translate “avocado” into Spanish?
  •       What’s the meaning of “sweet and sour”?

The students have learnt this and much more! You see, it’s always a pleasure to learn English!

*cuttlefish or sepia.